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We have been in the industry for over 10 years. Starting in Spain, we have slowly expanded through the world. Expanding through South America for the past 4 years, with offices in Brazil, Sao Paulo, and various clients throughout South America. Now we are in North America to bring you a different product!

We want to expose the new concept to freshening your day to day spaces.




Quality! Durability! Design! 

                     3 in 1


Quality: 0% alcohol! No drunken driving tickets from our product! ;P

The fragrance oils in our product are tested for alergenics and have passed the most vigorous quality tests to ensure the product will give you the best experience.

Durability: We have a patented diffusion system on our car fresheners. Plus not containing alcohol enables the product to have a lower volatility rate.

Design: Let me show you the pictures. 


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