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  1. The product in proven to last 45-60 days.

  2. Our fragrance oils contain 0% alcohol.

  3. The volatility of our aromas is of low index. The essences we use are more concentrated and therefore the smell is more penetrating.

  4. To be sure that our essences are of quality, all of it is imported from Spain.

  5. The product is made of 100% recyclable wood and glass



  1. The 100ml diffuser lasts 90 days minimum, even in the harshest conditions.

  2. Our small diffuser lasts up to 30 days. This container is small, discrete, and decorative. They won’t know if it’s a decorative object or an air freshener!

  3. We make sure our essences contain 0% ALCOHOL!

  4. The elegant design of the big container will give another image to your space.

  5. Our various product sizes adapt to our clients needs.




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