Aroma with floral notes that dissolve themselves in a musky and woody heart.
The background is comprised of notes that provide warmth to the fragrance.
Known as the most consumed ice cream flavor. This sweet and tasty flavor will quench your body taking you to those happy sunny summers. It will also help create a relaxing space that will inspire decision making.
Ocean Breeze
Refreshing aquatic aroma, will take you back to those long walks on the beach. Acts as a calming and relaxing stimulant agent. It will restore the equilibrium in your emotions and produce a sense of harmony.
Fresh, with woody tones. Smooth fresh aroma that will envelop you mysteriously, generating unique and indescribable spaces.
Fresh and Clean
Crisp notes mix with sunshine to create a genuine and natural mix, that will make your body overflow with vigor and vitality. A fragrance that will enrich your senses.
Highlighted by its woody notes, it imprints strength and security. An aroma with a warm tone. It has calming, relaxing and purifying characteristics that will create unique spaces.
This intense, green, herbal, and balsamic fragrance acts as a stimulant and relaxant. Purifies the ambiance. Helps with concentration and mental work. Ideal fragrance for massage centers, health stores and pharmacies.
This aroma evokes pure energy, and a feeling of dazzling, crisp and sunny days. A white flower with very fragrant notes, it is blended with herbs to create a genuine and refined aroma.
Citric Fresh
Sharp, refreshing and clean fragrance that will awaken your senses with its citric and crisp notes.
Purifying fragrance, known to repel mosquitoes, also characterized by its strong citric aroma. Will leave the space free of those annoying little bugs.
Its sweet and citric aroma provides energy and freshness. It stimulates your mind and improves concentration. Ideal for areas that require energy and vitality.
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